One Tool For All Bug Bounty Recon

October 21, 2023 localghost 0

Sudomy serves as a subdomain enumeration tool designed to gather subdomains and analyze domains through advanced automated reconnaissance framework. Additionally, useful for OSINT (Open-source intelligence) […]


Free Linux Security Courses

September 28, 2022 localghost 1

Studying Linux? Study Linux Security! 3 free Linux security training courses you can take right now. Linux Server Management and Security Introduction to Linux […]


Bug Bounty Hint- Google Dork

September 28, 2022 localghost 0

Bug Bounty Hint! You can try following Google Dork to find Open Redirect or XSS endpoints Site:* inurl:return return_to return_uri redirect redirect_to redirect_uri page site […]

SSRF Parameters For Bug Bounty

July 23, 2022 localghost 0

1.?host=2.?redirect=3.?uri=4.?path=5.?continue=6.?url=7.?window=8.?next=9.?data=10.?image-source=11.?n=12.?to=13.?follow=14.?u=15.?go=16.?fetch=17.?source=18.?img-src= To apply this, use BurpSuite then intercept a request then send a request to spider because visitining all the page and finally go to […]


Top SQL Injection Parameters

April 8, 2022 localghost 0

First of all find parameter with google dorking and after that try all parameters. ?id={payload} ?page=={payload} ?dir={payload} ?search={payload} ?category={payload} ?class={payload} ?file={payload} ?url={payload} ?news={payload} ?item={payload} Good […]