Awasome OSINT Tools

There are many various OSINT tools in the market. But some of them are uncommon. Here are some open source intelligence tools which are really helpfull.

Scilla is Information Gathering tool written in Go.
It helps DNS / Subdomains / Ports / Directories enumeration or you can get full report. Here is the github link:

Xray performs Brute Force attacks on the target Domain using DNS requests and scans the Subdomain.
Then it lists the subdomains which are detected with detailed Shodan search.

SimpleEmail is an E-mail enumaration tool.
It can perform on many serach engines and social media with its modules.

It can perform on many serach engines and social media with its modules. Supported Platforms: Docker, Kali Rolling,Debian 9.x,Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, MacOS

Gas Mask collects automated information from many public sources. The main access resources are as follows; – GitHub
– Google
– Instagram
– Linkedin
– Reddit
– YouTube

You can use the ProtOSINT tool to probe ProtonMail accounts and ProtonVPN IP addresses. The main functions of the X tool are as follows;
-Test the validity of a ProtonMail account.
-Detect creation of ProtonMail account.

BigBountyRecon contains 58 different techniques. In this way, you can perform almost all information collection checks, from directory listing vulnerability to OSINT.

iKy can access a lot of information such as social media accounts and user locations belonging to the target e-mail address. In addition, it shows the reached information to the end user through a frinedly user interface. In this way, it provides ease of reporting.

Also there are many known tools:

  1. Maltego
  2. Shodan
  3. Google Dorks
  4. The Harvester
  5. Metagoofil
  6. Recon-ng
  7. Check Usernames
  8. TinEye
  9. Searchcode
  10. Recorded Future

Bonus! You mal also need OSINT Mind Map

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